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The Making Process

Each textile character, soft sculpture and installation piece Elaine creates is completely unique due to the techniques and materials used in the making process. Working from her ever increasing collection of materials, much of which includes vintage, pre - loved, forgotten and found fabric, trims, beads, buttons, bits and bobs, Elaine thoughtfully selects pieces which she transforms into wonderfully quirky, unique textile forms.

By manipulating selected fabric, using a variety of simple techniques and processes including folding, crushing, twisting, ripping, winding, hand and machine stitching, each piece gradually metamorphisises into it's final unique form.​

Textile Characters & Soft Sculptures

When working directly from drawings Elaine usually marks the reverse of the fabric as a guide before commencing to cut and stitch pieces together. However, while working on more experimental pieces she often works more freely, allowing each piece to grow and form organically without the use of markings.

The flat, limp form held by her textile characters and soft sculptures during the making process immediately start to change as she begins the process of filling them with hollow fibre and remnant cut offs. While this process can be quite laborious, depending on scale and form, it is also the point where each piece appears to 'come to life' in 3 dimensional form, making this her favourite part of the making process!

Attaching pieces together to create the final form involves lots of pins and more often than not, lots of plasters to cover over pin and needle pricks!


Elaine's installation pieces combine her quirky characters and soft textile sculptures with vibrant, tactile structures. Using structural frames, the form of each piece develops and grows as different materials are manipulated and intertwined together.


Often working with handmade pom poms, Elaine has developed a technique that involves wrapping yarn around posts and tying sections of the yarn together before cutting, allowing for multiples of pom poms to be made in one session.






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