Elaine has worked with primary schools on a number of projects.

Most recently, while working with a primary school to develop and create characters that would represent their school values, Elaine introduced the project to the school during  a whole school assembly. Accompanied by a number of her Giant textile characters, Elaine captured the attention of the whole school and inspired them to create character drawings representative of their school values.

Following a a pole whereby pupils and parents selected the drawings they would most like to see brought to life, Elaine set to work at translating the drawings into giant three dimensional textile characters.

While planning an exhibition of work inspired by children's drawings, Elaine worked on Smile, a project which aimed to encourage creativity and celebrate the beauty and innocence held within children's drawings.

Inviting submissions of drawings by children from local schools and across the wider community, of people and things that made them smile, Elaine worked with a number of the drawings and transformed them into textile characters.

If you are a school, organisation or????? interested in working with Elaine, please get in touch

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