Elaine has been involved in a number of creative projects and delivered a variety of workshops within schools, community settings and public spaces, working with families, groups of children and adults.


She has also worked with Creative Learning Aberdeen, delivering 'Geronimo' sessions for early years children and their parents, as well as delivering workshops in primary schools as part of the Arts Across Learning Festival.


While each workshop session can differ in many ways, emphasis is always placed on the quality of the experience through creative exploration and experimentation rather than on any final outcomes.


Elaine creates a supportive environment which gives participants the opportunity to explore and experiment and to find new ways of expressing themselves.


In a world where sustainability is of increasing importance, a large amount of the  materials used in Elaine’s workshops are reclaimed. With this in mind, participants are encouraged to bring along any unwanted material that may be used during workshop sessions.


Elaine is often accompanied by one of her giant textile characters during workshop sessions. These characters  play an important role in workshops for children and adults alike,  engaging participants and helping break the ice at the beginning of each session.

'my 3 year old hasn't stopped talking about the sessions or the teacher (Elaine) since we started! It's been a wonderful experience. Such fantastic, creative and engaging sessions'

If you are a school, organisation or????? interested in working with Elaine, please get in touch.

Workshop sessions can be tailor made to fit into specific themes/projects or kept more open and free to individual interpretation.

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